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RPG’s beveling capability allows us to produce a variety of bevels across a range of thicknesses using plasma and high definition, multi-torch oxy, mechanical and machine beveling techniques and machines.


Plasma & High Definition

Our High Definition machines are powered by Hypertherm HPR260 power sources, and incorporate automated Plasma Bevel Units capable of producing a variety of bevel profiles to a +/- 1mm tolerance in a range of material thickness between 1.2mm up to 32mm.


Multi-Torch Oxy

Our Multi-Torch Oxy profile machines are fitted with two automated bevel units and are capable of producing a variety of bevels on a range of plate thicknesses.


Mechanical Bevels

Our portable place edge beveling machines use a rotary shear cutting action to produce a clean machined bevel with no thermal distortion.


Machine Bevels

CNC machining centres, located on-site can produce bevels outside the scope of our plasma/oxy and mechanical beveling capabilities.

RPG Australia offers a full suite of heavy steel processing, fabrication and complimentary capabilities to assist clients by providing a one-stop-shop solution.

Integrating our beveling capability with our in-house Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) expertise, allows RPG to deliver optimum accuracy, faster productivity and superior quality outcomes.

Using state of the art design software, RPG’s CAD team has the expertise to work with clients in the production of drawings to ensure beveling solutions are tailored to clients’ specific needs.

RPG’s supply chain management capability is also offered, with finished products able to be delivered across Australia, free from burrs and slag.