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RPG Australia is capable of bending and rolling a variety of materials for specialist projects. RPG’s Section Curving Division offer up to 11machines capable of rolling multiple radii, cold formed sections, stainless steel and aluminum. 


Section Curving Capabilities


12 machines capable of rolling 20 x 20 SHS to 250 x 250 SHS, roll pipe 20 nb to 300 nb, 75 to 380 PFC. Beam bender to Camber beams up to 700UB.

Able to roll PFC on edge, toe in, toe out, RHS on flat and edge, SHS on diamond, FMS, universal beams and columns on edge and monorail, tapered flange columns (TFC), tee sections, pipe angle toe in, toe out and on diamond, cattle rail, railway track, round bar and in billet steel.

    ·     Assorted nylon dies for a scratch free surface.
    ·     Able to roll multiple radii.
    ·     Able to roll cold formed section along with stainless steel and aluminum.
    ·     All rolled sections require green or lead, depending on material & machine type.
    ·     Bandsaw capabilities and ability to trim green from finished product.